The European Taste of freedom tour

CAMELTOWN presents

After 8 months of Protesting in Palestine and Raving in Israel – we wanted to bring both dimensions together in a tour trough Israel, Palestine and Europe . Live-bands, Dj-sets, Screenings, Exposition, performances, activism, hedonism, and a healthy dose of escapism. Our European tour was supported by Youth in Action.

Many artists have been performing during our taste of freedom gatherings including:
Camelia Jubran ( Palestine )


Ministry of Dub-Key

Señor Marküsen ( Spain )

Performances, dj-sets, gigs, lectures, were given during our tour by

Bruno Cruz ( Palestine) 
Jazar Crew ( Palestine )
Pi Ratto ( Palestine), Aljaa Onka ( Palestine) 
 ( Palestine, Baba The knife ( Berlin )
 Special Keller DJ
 Jozak Sander ( Berlin )
, Schmecke Fuchs ( Berlin )
, DJ SAINT GHISLAIN ( Antwerp), 
Miss Mighty Melody (Berlin)
Soul:Funktion ( Antwerp )
BLISS ( Antwerp )
Goldschall & Rausch (Berlin) Sabotage Soundtrack (Berlin)
The Absolute Never Experience (Paris)
Raum 149 ( Berlin )
Futaba Nakayama (Berlin)
Alice Phoebelou (South Africa )
John Pale (Antwerp)
Dane Joe (Berlin)
Antwerp Jazz Trio ( Belgium) Ludo abicht ( Belgium) , Gilles Torfs ( Belgium ), Arne ( Belgium), Laurens ( Belgium) Calvache( Belgium) Delbaen ( belgiul) Veebo( Belgium) Jonas Vanhullebusch ( Belgium)
Sadiq shaikhaldin ( Belgium) Miyaguy (Belgium) Werner Hassler (Swizz-
Jonas Vanhullebusch ( Belgium ) Maximillien Binard ( Belgium ) Igor Demeyer ( Belgium ) Raven Lamoot ( Belgium ) Mathijs Kimpe ( Belgium )

At the moment we are preparing our next project called MOVING EUROPE.

We will be marching the streets with a Burning Man Photo-exposition through Berlin, Riga, Lisbon, Athens, Amsterdam, Reykjavík…surrounded with brassbands, circus and fire artists!


Keep your fire.

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